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Lilac Girls

Project Type

Documentary Photography




Middle Anatolia, Türkiye

The girls in lilac are flowing towards the future that is already ready for their. This life has come to them unchanged throughout the past generations and will continue to their grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Until the conditions of existence of the place they lives in are changed.

First girl in lilac does her part at home, just like everyone else in her family. What a young girl does is, in a way, preparation for her future life. The work she did in her family's house while growing up is like a rehearsal for what he will do in her husband's home when she gets married.

The second girl in lilac will soon get married. Dowry is hand-embroidered items that young girls carefully prepare for marriage from an early age. Second girl in lilac and her husband who the eldest son of the house will have a room in this house where will stay together at night. Days will be spent with other members of the family and doing household chores.

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