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My first camera is Zenith! With him, I understood things that my childhood did not understand; why people hide in the dark rather than in the light, why birds die on the roofs, that playing games in narrow streets is more joyful, and that there are emotions I don't recognize on the faces of all the people I think I know.

I realized that; I understand nothing! It is impossible to understand! Everything is more or less missing! Reaching the truth with what is missing is, at best, a coincidence!


Nikon, Canon, Sony, Fuji, Pentax, Leica, Panasonic followed my childhood. With them, I understood children, surgeons, nature, objects, theatre, music, the road, the journey, nature, motherhood, the sea, the white wings of the bird, the light itself, people and myself.


Words could not fully express what I saw in the faces and eyes, what the body wanted to say. Because there is always more than can be said. Whatever happens, it is felt only in the moment in which it happens and with the effects of everything else that fills that moment. Most of all, your light!


A leaf can be defenseless when the sun is just getting bright, timid when the dew is falling on it, alone in the fog, overwhelmed when the sun is up, calm in the evening, wise when the sun is setting, frightening and joyful at night and joyful under the rainbow, or uncomfortable when the rain turns green. They are all the same leaf hanging on the branch of a tree, finding its own otherness with light. I can't say I know him without seeing every aspect of him in the light. Human beings are like leaves and each human being is the light of another. We are surrounded by lights that change, transform, and make us feel all kinds of emotions.


Photography opens the way for me to understand a leaf or a person and to live with them what they experience. I am with him, I am him.


While I didn't know who I was at birth, I still became myself in the end; I arise every time I feel the desire to look at someone, something, or distant things through a lens, and I become myself again by adding what I see to what I have.


I can't say that I am doing a 'job' while taking photographs; I walk holding his guiding hand.


Even though what some photographers shoot may seem like others and other things, it is not; What they shot is their own documentary and evidence of their experiences.


Every moment I stop the flow of time, the world turns stronger and more lovingly. I love being able to reach into the flow and see and touch the beauty in what I might think is ordinary.


Being able to stop time beautifully! This must be exactly the feeling of freedom!

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