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Mehmet Varol Culture House _ Çandır Village

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Çandır Village, Köyceğiz, Muğla


Photographer & Photojurnalist

It is a cultural house containing ethnographic artifacts in Çandır Village, where the Kaunos Ancient City is located, in Köyceğiz and adjacent to Dalyan. Mehmet Varol worked as an assistant in the studies carried out in the Ancient City of Kaunos in the 60s. His interest, which started with this opportunity, continued throughout his life and he collected ethnographic works by traveling to villages. Based on the symbols he saw on both the rugs and the tombstones, he got the impression that the existence of the Turks in Anatolia was much older than what was known in official history, and he made an effort to have this claim investigated by scientists.
He also has a book in which he explains his experiences and the information he has obtained, supporting it with ethnographic works.

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